The Ultimate Coach is a complete content management system (CMS) on-line for you to deliver your service and store data for any number of clients you choose.

The Ultimate Coach goes way beyond software.

Ultimate Coach features:

  • Exercise library, over 400 videos - barbells, dumbbells, TRX, bands and more!

  • Add and build your own exclusive video exercise library

  • Workout & Program Constructor

  • Record, save & send workouts

  • Nutrition recording with meal pic uploads

  • Customise & brand your dashboard

  • Customise newsletters

  • Step by step guide 'How to create an amazing coaching business'

  • New upgrades each month

They are Coaching right now...

In this new climate, Ana and Jose are not stressed, they have transferred their client base to the Ultimate Coach CMS.

While the Ultimate Coach CMS delivers incredible value to their clients Ana and Jose can focus on what they need to, growing their business.

Why use the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS?

Unlike the on-line coaching you've probably attempted in the past, the Ultimate Coach CMS does the work for you. Fully structured and systemised, the Ultimate Coach CMS takes your clients through a complete process.

Unlike regular on-line coaching you are not limited by time or energy, you can take any number of clients you wish through your program.

No website needed!

You do not need a web site. You simply log on to the Ultimate Coach CMS, enter your clients details to get them on their way! As long as you have access to the internet you can be making money.

How does the Ultimate Coach CMS work?

The Ultimate Coach CMS delivers an entire transformational product in a personalised, automated system you can roll out to any number of clients you wish to coach on-line.

The Ultimate Coach CMS is your exclusive product. It is marketed & purchased through your payment portal so all funds go straight to your account.

Once the customer purchases your coaching program, they receive on-line access to the secure content, their client MP manual is dispatched and your client is guided through each weeks focus tasks and materials automatically.

Whether we like it or not, the personal training business is changing. Our customers are busy, time poor and demand a convenient, personalised service at lower cost. This demand is growing and will continue to do so an exponential rate. Don't miss out.
Online Coach CMS

All the key functionalities of transformation are interactive applications on-line that are completed by your on-line client. 

  • Metabolic Classification

  • Nutrition IQ

  • The MP 10 Point System

  • Meal Compliance

  • Nutrition recording

  • Goal Setting & Accountability

  • The Six Secrets of Success

  • How to Reprogram Habits

  • How to be Calorie Aware

  • Plus more!!

The data is stored in our own secure purpose-built CMS (Content Management System). You simply log on and view your client's progress, make recommendations where indicated and support when needed.

Once purchased by your customer, the product is activated, it is simply up to you to be the support expert for your clients.

Coaching Business model

As you can imagine, the profit potential of the Ultimate Coach CMS is limitless. You have a complete, turn-key, truly unique, professional, systemised, automated, yet personal service that will be working for you 24/7.

We provide just a recommended starting price per unit (12 week program) but you have total flexibility of your own fee structure.

Plus, there is an on-sell option for each program built into the system. We know that most clients will purchase at least two-three programs each year.

  • Account setup!
  • Email support
  • All Database Maintenance
  • All upgrades
  • No website needed.
  • No Contracts.
  • Estimated revenue based on the Coaches using the system.

    Just 10 clients: $5,000-$18,000 per month

    Earn $60,000 - $150,000 per year

    Ready to Create the Right Fitness Business for You?

    How it works: Each month you receive

    • Access to the Ultimate Coach CMS

    • Access to my course - How to Create the Right Fitness Business for You

    • Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts

    • On-line Master Classes with Dr Paul Cribb

    • All recorded to access anytime on-line

    • Exclusive access to a group of friendly, like-minded, genuine professionals.

    • Plus! Get my Research-proven Health Tips to use in your Social Media

    • Plus! Access to exclusive courses with Instant Certification. Up-skill quickly & market to your audience!
    PT Business Program with Paul Cribb

    The Ultimate Coach CMS

    • Centralises all client data

    • No website needed

    • No paperwork!

    • Does the hard work for you

    • Consult hours slashed!

    • Profit potential unlimited!

    Special Bonus! How to Build a Thriving On-line Business. A step by step guide.

    Yes, in this new climate, you can build a thriving business online. You gain access to a Step by Step Guide how to do it. You'll also gain access to an amazing support network. Learn from coaches that are doing this now. This guide will answer every question you have about getting started, plus lots of support and tons of tips.

    I've got all my clients on-line and its business as usual just following this awesome process. If I can do it, you can too! Kane Patterson

    Dr Paul Cribb PhD.
    What makes a genuine expert?

    Since the age of 18 this industry has been Paul’s passion, hobby and only career that drove him to complete 3 degrees and a self-designed PhD. All while building several successful businesses. Paul’s books, articles, presentations and courses have helped thousands of personal trainers become better coaches and business people. However, Paul’s greatest attribute is an innate ability to help others achieve their potential. One student sums this up best...

    “This program will take you places beyond your took me from being a PT that was absolutely broke training people for $15 an hour to owning my home in Melbourne, helping my kids purchase their homes, buying my dream car and several commercial properties including the one I run my studio in. I'm still in Paul's program today learning more every month."– Liz Kalabakas
    Image: Dr Paul Cribb PhD.

    Ultimate Coach Q&A

    • How does access to the Ultimate Coach CMS work

      You receive your own complete turn-key professional online coaching system access, that’s your exclusive product to market and sell directly to your clients, a step by step guide including account setup, email support and database upgrades and maintenance included. No website needed, centralises all your client data and does all the paperwork for you (online). Once purchased by your customer the product is activated, they receive online access to the secure content, and your client is guided through each week’s focus tasks and materials automatically. All the data is stored in the system. All you need is internet access!

    • How do I access the material?

      All material and resources are accessible as soon as you sign -on. As you are developing a new income stream you need to commit to 12 months to get you rolling toward your goal income. The CMS software system is a complete turn key solution and we will be activated once you sign on.

    • How long do I have access to the Course?

      The minimum commitment is 12 months. During that 12 month period you have access to all materials across your devices as long as you are enrolled. The downloadable manuals, printouts and certificates are yours to keep. Access to new exciting material every month. After the 12 month minimum term your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

      NB: This material is copyrighted and passing on or sharing this course material to another party is prohibited.

    • What if I am unhappy with the course can I get a refund?

      We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at ( in the first 30 days of purchase (but before 10% completion of the course) and we will give you a full refund.

    • How long will this course take me?

      Commit to the 12 month minimum term and you will transform your business. If you spend a least a few hours a week this should see you finish the basic components easily. Working on your business is so exciting and rewarding. You can take this course and business as far as you want.

    • Who is this course for?

      This program is for Fitness Professionals and Coaches that want to learn from other successful people in our industry. Rapidly changing economies and the effects of pandemics are going to be a way of life. So you need to develop a business that thrives in this new landscape. A business that delivers real solutions and suits your own needs and strengths.

    • How can I contact the Course Administrator if I have any questions?

      Please email with any questions you are not able to find on this page.

    • What currency are payments charged in?

      Our courses are purchased from all over the world but all payments are charged in Australian Dollars and include GST for Australian Residents.